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UCSC Science Internship Program

Through the UC Santa Cruz’s Science Internship Program (SIP), high school students gain hands-on research experience by assisting with on-going research projects and/or conducting his/her own project under the guidance of a graduate student.

Emma Duran. 2017 SIP Intern
I am a rising senior at scotts valley high school. I am working with my mentor Chris studying the effect of diet on bite force scaling in the superfamily Musteloidea. I am interested in biology and chemistry and plan on pursuing a career in marine biology. I also enjoy swimming, reading, and drawing.

Project: “Effects of Diet on the Scaling of Bite Forces in Musteloidea”


Isaac Santillan. 2017 SIP Intern

Project: “Effects of Diet on the Scaling of Bite Forces in Musteloidea”


Anna Wadhwa. 2016 SIP Intern
I am a rising junior at Mission San Jose High School, which (fun fact) isn’t in San Jose! I’m interested in almost all kinds of sciences, especially biology and chemistry, and so I participate in Science Olympiad and Science Bowl at MSJHS. Outside of school, I continue these interests by volunteering to coach middle schoolers in Science Olympiad and intern as a (soon-to-be!) teacher to elementary students to introduce them to STEM fields from a young age. I intend on pursuing a career as a doctor, specifically (and hopefully) a surgeon. Apart from the sciences, though, I’m also passionate about dancing, playing the piano, and reading. Over this summer, I worked with Chris Law to research the presence and extent of sexual dimorphism in river otters (Lontra canadensis) between sexes and subspecies using geometric morphometrics.

Project: “Sexual Dimorphism of North American River Otters”


Vikram Venkatram. 2015 SIP Intern
Hi! My name is Vikram, and I’m a rising junior at Stanford Online High School. Here’s a little bit about me. Academically, I love all kinds of sciences- especially zoology and other topics in biology. I also enjoy learning about many other subjects, including philosophy and (especially) foreign affairs. When in college, I’m thinking of pursuing a path in zoology (as a professor) or in diplomacy, although I really haven’t made a proper decision yet. In my free time, I like to read books, play video games, listen to music, sing, and relax with friends. I also enjoy playing piano, swimming, hiking, participating in Model United Nations, and tutoring. My project involves measuring the skulls of multiple specimens of Enhydra lutris (the sea otter), using linear measurements. My mentor, Chris Law, and I will be analyzing these measurements to find if there is sexual dimorphism between male and female sea otter skulls. I’ve really enjoyed the SIP Program!

Project: “Craniodental Sexual Dimorphism in Southern Sea Otters”


Nancy Hung. Summer 2014
I am a rising senior at Presentation High School who has a passion for environmentalism, advocacy, and Microfinance. I am working with my mentor, Chris, on building the phylogeny of Procyonidae (raccoons and allies) and subsequently mapping bite force data with dietary variation. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano, playing badminton, and listening to podcasts. Potential majors for me are in the biological sciences, as I am interested in entering the pre-med track.

Project: “Dietary Variation Across Procyonids”


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