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UCSC Internship Programs

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I have mentored undergraduate interns through the Small Mammal Research in the Forest (SMURF) program, community college students through the Cultivamos Excelencia Research Program, and high school students through the summer Science Internship Program (SIP).

Small Mammal Undergraduate Research in the Forest (SMURF) Program

The SMURF internship program is a collaboration between graduate students, UCSC and Cal State Monterey Bay undergraduates, the UCSC Natural History Museum, and the UC Natural Reserve System that monitors long term small mammal population dynamics in the UCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot. SMURF supports undergraduates interested in conducting independent research projects (e.g. senior theses) pertaining to small mammals. The year-long internship program is strongly based in conducting fieldwork and data collection (3-day intensive capture-release trapping sessions once a quarter), but will also provide structure for developing, conducting, and producing independent research projects investigating small mammal ecology, physiology, etc.

UCSC Science Internship Program (SIP)                                                                              

During the summer, the Mehta lab hosts high school students through UC Santa Cruz’s Science Internship Program (SIP). Each student gains hands-on research experience by assisting with on-going research projects and/or conducting his/her own project under the guidance of a graduate student.

Cultivamos Excelencia Undergraduate Research Program       

The Cultivamos Excelencia Undergraduate Research Program provides San Jose City College (SJCC) students with the opportunity to engage in university-level research under the guidance of San Jose City College and UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) faculty, and mentorship from a UCSC graduate student. San Jose City College students will work with their mentor to develop their own research with implications for the Latinx Community.


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